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[crosspost from furaffinity]
Something unexpected came up IRL so I'll have to take a short break from doing commissions
It's gonna be around a week longer without much access to a laptop or a tablet
so I've been struggling to finish the ones for people that already paid for them

For everyone that sent me notes asking for them, it's gonna take a bit longer >.<
Sorry, it's not really in my control but as soon as I get back I'll keep doing them ;3


AAAnd it's done

thank you everyone who participated! :heart:

winner is..

Win by Talilly :iconzaivinx: !

you get one fullbody ^-^

and since there were so many entries I've decided to also add a second place

so second place winner is

Win2pl by Talilly :iconreddlett: !

Also congrats :3
you get one headshot

prizes will be completed within 2 weeks after I get a ref, and winners should reply within 24h or another will be chosen

Thanks again to everyone!

Since I reached 1k watchers I gotta celebrate!!

So I'm making a raffle.
There's probably gonna be one prize unless there's a lot of entries;

Prize is gonna be one fullbody fully shaded (no bg)
(like this Mo by Talilly or Autumn stroll by Talilly or Meido by Talilly)

Everyone will receive numbers and the winner will be chosen with

To participate, follow these rules :

To get one number:
  • be a watcher (new ones welcome)
  • comment on this journal 
To get two numbers(optional):
  • additional to those, share this journal
I can draw anthro/human/feral for the winner, no mecha/fetish/birds pls

Winner will be announced on 31 october!

Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] CheersLlama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

[They're not open or closed but if you send me a pm on here/furaffinity/amino I'll let you know how soon I can do it]

I do

-anthro/anime - even though almost all my examples are anthro I can do humans too lol
-females best!
-mostly finished paint-y, keep in mind it doesn't look very clean
-some nsfw if its mild (furaffinity for examples of that)

I do not do

-overly muscular
-birds (not good at beaks)
-anything thats quite unpleasant to imagine really

1. Headshots - base price 15$

2. Waist-up - base price 25$

3. Full-body - base price 30$

4. Ref sheets - 50$-100$ depending on complexity

Ref Done by Talilly Larryref by Talilly
Comes with 2 fullbodies, 2 headshots and 2 chibis (these can be mixed and matched and price can go up or down)
Unshaded or shaded (usually unshaded). 


  • Extra character in the same pic is half the base price (for example a halfbody with 2 characters is 25$ +12$). Only for halfbody and fullbody.
  • If you want a complicated bg (with things in it and also shaded stuff) that will be +5-10$ extra, depending on the elements. Simple shape/gradient/color bgs are free. Requests for an additional transparent png are also free.
  • Nsfw is 3$ extra per character
  • If your character is holding items/has a lot of accessories price will bump with 2-3$

How it goes:

You send me a note requesting one
After I confirm I can do it you can choose if you want a sketch of it first or just the final piece
Then you pay (you can choose to pay up front or after the sketch)
Then you'll receive the finished piece in 2-14 days, depending on your position in the queue!
(for a commission I need at least one reference or a detailed text description with eye color, hair color,style etc)

Payment up front, then you'll get added to the list!

Paypal only  Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1], in dollars only
Please don't send Euros. If paypal forces you to convert, note me for my link that you can use instead.
Pls no e-cheques